Results 2019

11/06/2019 Tour of Horwich Trail Race – Seniors Results

11/06/2019 Tour of Horwich Trail Race – Juniors Results

Tour of Horwich overall standings after Trail Race

12/06/2019 Cycling Hill Climb 

14/06/2019 Tour of Horwich Fell Race 

15/06/12019 Children’s Duathlon 

15/06/2019 Cycling Events 

Emerson Grand Prix 3/4 cats.

Emerson Grand Prix E/1/2 cats.

16/06/2019 Sunday Results  

National Unicycle Road Race Championships

Youth Cycle Race 

Age Related Handicap Cycle Race 

3k Road Running Race 

5k Road Running Race 

5k Race Walk 

Open Criterium Cycle Race 

Sprint Orienteering 

BMAF Masters 5k Road Championships FULL RESULT PODIUMS

Tour of Horwich Seniors OVERALL

Tour of Horwich Seniors PRIZEWINNERS

Tour of Horwich Juniors OVERALL