2015 Results

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Running Events - Results

The Joseph Holt - Open 5k Road Race 2015

Emerson / Bolton at Home - Horwich Festival of Racing 1 Mile Fun Run 2015

Emerson - British Masters AF 5k Championship 2015


Runners Race Report 2015

This year we had 147 runners finish the Emerson Group British Masters Athletics Federation 5km Road Race Championship. The first man was Kerry-Liam Wilson of Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers in a time of 15.39 minutes. The first woman was Claire Martin of Telford AC in a time of 17.47 minutes.

For the Joseph Holt Brewery Horwich Open 5km Road Race the first Man was C Fenell of Horwich RMI Harriers in a time of 15.25 minutes. The first woman was Lindsey Brindle of Horwich RMI Harriers in a time of 17.59 minutes.

The 1 mile fun run was well attended with 119 runners completing the run, and was good to see the children in fancy dress. The first boy back was Luke Brindle of Horwich RMI Harriers and the first girl back was Isabelle Merritt of Bolton United Harriers.

The youngest runner this year was 3 years old to the oldest runner was 81 years old. We also had runners travelling from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Isle of Man, Cheshire, North Wales, Midlands, Oxfordshire, Kent, Isle of Wight and Plymouth.

The day started with a bit of rain, but remained dry and breezy for the rest of the day with cloud and patches of sun.

Mark Smith

Orienteering Events - Results

SELOC Horwich Festival - Lever Park

Orienteering Final


Cycling Events - Results

Youth's  Race

Under 16

1  Jordan Stanworth

2  Ben Horrobin

3  Sam Iddon

4  Josh Reed

5  Sam Hughes

6  Joe  Shekelton

7  Corinne Side

8  Alex McLaren

9  Rowan Kane


Under 14

1  Melissa Boylin

2  Tom Skelton


Under 12

1  Ethan Cuerden

2  Ben Iddon

3  Jack Appleton


1st Girl Erin Corrigan


Under 10

1  Ethan Grimshaw

2  Dan Porter

3  Ben Woodhouse


1st Girl Isla Glossop


Under 8

1  Joseph Williams

2  Esme Glossop

3  Christian McLaren


Youth Relay Challenge

1  Rivington Primary School

(Ethan Cuerden, Riley Saint Simmons, Felix Cuerden)


2  Horwich Parish Church Primary School

(James Kay, Jessica Farnell, Isobel Pennington, Niall O'Connell)



1  Michael Ashurst

2  Billy Sewart

3  David Powell

4  Joseph Peatfield (Junior)

5  Sam Holden

6  Adam Newall

7  Lee Hill

8  Andy Harwood

9  Chris Bodenham

10 Benjamin Williams



1  Tony Greenhalgh

2  Paul Thursfield

3  Nigel Kershaw

4  Karl Smith

5  Aaron Tonks

6  Matt Chester

7  Vinny Smith

8  Kris Spreckley

9  Graham Bryce

10 Tony Williams


1 Lap Street Race


1  Ethan Cuerden

2  Jack Appleton

3  Dan Porter



1  Imogen Peatfield

2  Erin Corrigan

3  Grace Porter


Third National Unicycle Road Race - Results


1st Matthew Morris

2nd Roger Davis (Over 50 Champion)

3rd Robert Day

4th Cameron Peacock

5th Mike Kenyon

6th Eddie Baxter



1st Lucy Cobb

2nd Helen Wickins

3rd Bobbie Byrne


Under 16

1st Tom Ledger

2nd Bobby Byrne

3rd Matthew Ledger


Under 12

Matthew Ledger


Small Wheel

Alan Marsh (29”)